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Writing a Diary
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Menstruation is a topic that can be very delicate and, for some, uncomfortable to discuss. In many households, this topic is taboo, shunned, shamed, or girls are made to feel degraded about this essential part of their lives. Some schools do not support and uplift this sacred time in a young girl's life, let alone support them by having the supplies necessary for girls available in the bathrooms, classrooms, or nurse's offices. Our society places little to no value on our daughters' transition into womanhood by not acknowledging, honoring, and celebrating this sacRED MOONtime. In addition to the emotional and personal stigma, the amount of waste that disposable pads and tampons used each year by one woman is appalling. 

sacRED MOONtime aims to address this and several issues by offering a 12-week hybrid cohort (virtual and in-person sessions) where we explore the vast topic of menstruation. Topics include, but are not limited to, ways to make their pads, the anatomy and physiology of the female reproductive cycle, our 11 body/organ systems, how food and drink contribute to the health of our menstrual cycle, meditation, yoga, and breathwork and the importance of incorporating those into one’s daily practices, healing herbal remedies, and so much more!


We call our participants MoonFlowers because these flowers embody sacred and mysterious symbolism throughout time. Unlike most flowers, moonflowers bloom in darkness or under the light of the moon. Their beauty emerges during the dark, and one major aspect that we instill in our Moonflowers is that sometimes, during the darkest and most difficult times in our lives, our greatest lessons come forward. During these lessons, we learn to cultivate and embrace hope, confidence, assurance, conviction, and self-awareness that catapult us toward our ambitions, dreams, and destinies. So, upon enrolling in sacRED MOONtime, you begin your journey as a sacRED MOONtime MoonFlower!

What We Do

Re-educate our Girls

Focus on Sisterhood

Intergenerational Education

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